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No Gi Grappling Class

No-Gi Grappling

A comprehensive class covering techniques that are applicable in grappling without a gi on.  You will learn offense, defense, submissions, takedowns, as well as how to integrate your techniques into your overall strategy. Classes will include warm ups, drilling, learning techniques and situational sparring along with live rolling.

Gi Grappling Class

Gi Grappling

This class will cover all the grappling arts but with additional focus on the techniques that are applicable with a gi. Classes will include warm ups, drilling, learning techniques and situational sparring along with live rolling.

Required Attire: Gi and Belt

Striking Class


Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, TKD… whatever you want to call it we will focus on the movement, footwork, balance, distance, defense, and ability to throw strikes.  This class will focus on drills to build the ability to hit without getting hit.  Classes will include warm ups, drilling, learning techniques and situational drills.

Required Attire: 16oz Gloves, Shin Guards, Mouth Piece

Intro to MMA


Striking, Takedowns, and Grappling on the ground.  Everything is fair game to learn in these classes.  Particular attention will be paid to aspects that are unique to MMA.  Setting up takedowns with strikes, using the threat of takedowns to strike, wall work both offensively and defensively, striking on the ground, and maintain or denying ground control will all be large areas of emphasis.  Even if you never choose to fight these classes will round out your skill set as a martial artist.

Intro to MMA

Fight Team Training

Our most intense sessions are invitation only so make sure to let an instructor know if you want to participate.

Intro to MMA

Morning Training

A chance for our students to get additional drilling and live rolling in a more self directed environment.

Intro to MMA

Open Mat

Bring your gear.  Whether you are looking for gi or no-gi grappling, a chance to hit mitts, drill, or get some live rolls pretty much everything is fair game at open mat with Elevate students.

Kid’s Martial Arts

Elevate MMA’s Kids program will allow your child to learn the fundamentals of Striking, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. More importantly, we will provide a fun, safe atmosphere for them to develop their athleticism and confidence in an environment that promotes respect and learning.

1 Time/Week $89


Intro to MMA

Private Lessons

Whether you want personalized instruction, schedule flexibility, or a chance to choose the area of focus private lessons are a great way to make rapid progress.  Lessons are charged at an hourly rate but can be broken up into half hour blocks as well.  Rates are as follows:

Non-Member: $125/hr

Member: $100/hr

Prepay 5 lessons: $400

Prepay 10 lessons: $750