Elevate Kid’s Mixed Martial Arts

Elevate’s Kid’s Martial Arts program will allow your child to learn the fundamentals of Striking, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. More importantly, we will provide a fun, safe atmosphere for them to develop their athleticism and confidence in an environment that promotes respect and learning.



Classes will be lead by our Head Coach Cody Maltais. You can read his full background here. Cody is a black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu and a professional fighter who has run children’s programs at 3 other academies before opening his own school.


Our facility is brand new, incredibly clean, well maintained, and built with safety in mind. We provide complimentary wifi access for all parents or guardians while waiting on their child.

Learning Style

Methods of instruction will vary and cater to multiple learning styles. More importantly, our focus will always be on keeping a “growth mindset” placing value on process and effort over results.  We constantly strive to provide resources for our students both on and off the mat to allow them to reach their full potential.


Every Wednesday from 5:00-5:45PM


$75/month for each child (families of 2 or more)
$449 for 6 months
$799 for 1 year


*SIGN UP BONUS for anyone signing up as a new student you will receive a free Gi and Belt


“In having a kids Martial Arts program my goal is first and foremost to treat every student with the same care and respect that I would hope my own daughter would receive from a coach. I have always enjoyed teaching children martial arts and I see it as an incredible tool to benefit every aspect of their lives. Above all I want to create a culture that supports parents and the community overall in helping each child reach their full potential.” – Cody Maltais

Elevate Mixed Martial Arts for Kids